Sensor Network for Mining

Sensor Network for Mining

The Loadsensing LS-G6 is the best surface sensor network for mining.

Surface (pit, strip or open-cast) mines usually occupy very large tracts of land and are often located in remote, and sometimes inhospitable, locations. This means they are affected by, and sometimes at the mercy of, environmental factors and conditions. Groundwater levels and pressure, movements in rock and soil, and many other factors can cause situations that have the potential to affect the safety and productivity of the mine.

Monitoring the status and behavior of the water, rock and soil in and around the mine is vitally important, as this can provide early warnings about potential risks. Deploying a suitable sensor network for mining environments is the best way to achieve this.

Using this approach, a network of piezometers, contractometers, extensometers and various other sensor types that are commonly used in surface mines are connected (preferably wirelessly) to a central monitoring and control system that gathers data at predetermined, user-defined intervals; collates and interprets the information; and then makes it easily accessible to mine engineers, managers and other relevant people.

The Loadsensing LS-G6 Surface Wireless Data Acquisition System is ideal as the heart of a sensor network for mining use. Its robustness, low power requirements and ability to be easily customized make this fully wireless system the best choice for the challenging conditions and requirements that are a part of surface mining.

Easy access to information is another major benefit of using the Loadsensing LS-G6 system. All monitoring data is accessible from commonly used Android mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, and via a web-based interface.