Wireless MDT-RTU

MDT – Loadsensing LS-G6 System

The MDT-RTU is capable of acquiring data from up to 3 SMART instruments and runs on batteries for 3 years.  The system deploys in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks like typical wired systems.  Contact MDT to help you design a full instrumentation program that is monitored wirelessly and sends data to your desk on surface.

Wireless MDT-RTU

Features and Benefits

  • Can connect up to 3 SMART instruments to one wireless unit
  • Data acquisition is completely wireless and battery-powered
  • Also acts as a standard infrastructure/repeater node
  • Battery life of over 3 years!
  • Provides both mobile access and backhaul routing functionalities


  • Can wirelessly monitor all MDT Instrumentation, including SMART MPBX, SMART Cable, SMART Contractometer, SMART GMM (up to 18) and Sloughmeter.
  • Can also monitor 4-20mA sensors or other analog sensors upon request.


  • 902-928 MHz
  • RX sensitivity: -105 dBm
  • Typical omnidirectional range in underground mines: 50 m to 150 m
  • Typical omnidirectional range on surface: 50 m to 600 m
  • Connectivity: 3 SMART Instruments (18 Analog Voltage Input Channels)
  • Battery life: typical = 3 years (depends on level of network activity), minimum = 1 year (standard warranty)


  • MineHop Replacement Battery Pack