Wireless Vibrating-Wire

Wireless Vibrating-Wire

The LS-G6 is ideal for wireless vibrating-wire, digital, and analog sensor monitoring.

One of the factors engineers in both surface/open pit mining and civil engineering environments place a lot of emphasis on is stability. A stable mine, excavation, or structure is a safe and productive one. However, due to the nature of these operations, they are often subjected to various stresses and strains that have the potential to threaten their stability and pose potential risks. Reducing and controlling risk requires continual monitoring and taking immediate, appropriate action based on the data collected where appropriate.

To collect the information necessary for proper monitoring and decision making, engineers rely on data gathering and processing systems, the most efficient of which include wireless vibrating-wire nodes that collect data from Vibrating Wire Sensors (VWS), e.g. strain gauges (structural measurement) and vibrating-wire piezometers (hydrological monitoring).

Collecting data right at primary points, moving it quickly and efficiently to a central point, and then displaying it to engineers in a format that makes it useful and actionable is made possible by advanced, comprehensive wireless vibrating-wire monitoring systems like the Loadsensing LS-G6 System.

The LS-G6 is ideal for wireless vibrating-wire, digital, and analog sensor monitoring as it is compatible with all commonly used sensor types and offers many other benefits, including:

  • No cabling needed, and therefore none of the high costs and delays that go with installing a large cable network
  • Fast, simple setup and low maintenance requirements (nodes are powered by internal batteries that last up to 10 years, depending on usage)
  • Advanced hardware and software technology. Fully wireless, long-range communication (up to 15km), built-in automatic threshold-based alarm/warning system, included easy-to-use custom software, and even a web interface for remote/off-site monitoring

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