Vibrating-Wire Monitoring

Vibrating-Wire Monitoring

Make your mine and its surrounding environment safer with a comprehensive vibrating-wire monitoring system.

Does your mine have a vibrating-wire monitoring system?

A big part of responsible mine management and operation is making sure that the mine, its supporting infrastructure and the general environment surrounding the mine are kept as safe as possible.

There are several facets to responsible mine management; for example, not taking unnecessary risks and always respecting local laws, regulations, and environmental issues. Another key part of operating a mine properly is having the right measurement and monitoring systems in place.

Mine engineers make use of a variety of geotechnical and other instruments to give them insight into what is happening inside and adjacent to shafts, tunnels, rock faces, soil, dams, reservoirs and other features in and around the mine.

Due to their accuracy and responsiveness, vibrating-wire instruments (for example vibrating-wire piezometers) are a popular choice when it comes to safety-critical applications.

However, vibrating-wire instruments can’t operate properly in isolation. They are at their most useful when they are integrated into a comprehensive vibrating-wire monitoring system.

The MDT VW-RTU is the ideal device to facilitate the connection of mine monitoring instruments to a vibrating-wire monitoring system.

Up to 4 vibrating-wire instruments can be connected to each VW-RTU. Because it is fully wireless, the VW-RTU can be deployed at any site in a matter of hours – not the days or weeks commonly required for the installation of conventional wired systems.

In addition, the VW-RTU is powered by an internal battery with a lifespan of 3 to 10 years. No external power hookups are required, reducing installation time, expense and maintenance requirements.