Geotechnical Instruments, Australia

Geotechnical Instruments, Australia

Properly used geotechnical instruments help make mines in Australia safer and ensure ongoing productivity.

Geotechnical instruments play a very important role when it comes to data gathering and monitoring within underground mines, vital activities for ensuring the safety and ongoing productivity of any mining operation.

The mining industry in Canada has grown significantly over the last few decades, with the country now being home to some of the world’s largest and most productive mines that produce copper, and a host of other metals and minerals. There has also been a shift within Candian mining towards more underground mining for safety, productivity, cost, environmental, and other reasons.

As mines in Canada expand in size and go deeper into the earth’s crust, monitoring the status of all tunnels, shafts, stopes, rooms, working faces, and other areas of the mine becomes ever more important to minimize and manage the risk of rock fall, rock burst, and other catastrophic events that have the potential to endanger the safety of mine personnel and interrupt production.

Properly used, high-quality geotechnical instruments form the basis of a mine safety monitoring system, as they provide the data that helps engineers spot potential and developing risks and take appropriate action to manage these risks.

Geotechnical instruments manufactured by MDT and commonly used by engineers in modern mines include:

  • MDT SMART MPBX (Multi-Point Borehole Extensometer) – Used to measure various types of displacement
  • MDT SMART Cable Bolt (Instrumented Cable Bolts) – Used to measure strain, load, and displacement
  • MDT SMART Contractometer – Used to measure convergence and compression
  • MDT SMART GMM100 (Ground Movement Monitor, single-point) – Used to measure general ground movement
  • MDT Sloughmeter – Used to measure sloughing or caving

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