Geotechnical Monitoring Instruments, Australia

Geotechnical Monitoring Instruments, Australia

MDT’s range of geotechnical monitoring instruments can help keep Australian mines safe and productive.

Geotechnical monitoring instruments play a vitally important role within safety and productivity management processes. Because they often extend deep and wide below the surface of the earth, underground mines are easily affected by the behaviour of rock and soil inside or around the mine. Excessive movement, settlement, or convergence can all put the mine and the people working inside it at risk.

Mines in Canada are as affected as mines in other parts of the world – in some cases more so because of how large and productive they are.

The best way to control risk, and therefore make the mine safer, is to continually monitor the status and behaviour of geological features within the mined area. Any unexpected or excessive movement, or other change, can then be assessed and acted on if necessary.

One of the key techniques used by operators of modern mines around the world is the installation and use of an array of geotechnical monitoring instruments within the mine. These instruments measure various types of movement and behaviour and provide valuable data to mine engineers.

As the local industry develops, mine engineers in Canada are likely to rely more and more on geotechnical monitoring instruments as their primary way to monitor geological formations and geomechanical behaviour within their mines – with the goal of making them among the safest and most productive in the world.

Mine Design Technologies (MDT) designs and manufactures a wide range of geotechnical monitoring instruments, all suitable for use in Canadian mines.

Some Key MDT Instruments:

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