Extensometers for Civil

Extensometers for Civil

Using our extensometers for civil engineering applications can significantly enhance the monitoring, control, and safety aspects of large projects.

Wherever large excavations are made in rock or soil, or large-scale constructions, there is always the risk of deformation or displacement due to settlement, shifting, hydrological changes, seismic activity, and a variety of other factors. Monitoring these factors and the effect they have is one of the keys to minimizing risk and ensuring safety in and around excavations and structures.

One of our signature products, the SMART MPBX (Multi-Point Borehole Extensometer), is the instrument of choice for measuring deformation and displacement within many underground mines around the globe.

However, the usefulness and value of this device are not limited to the world of mining. Using our extensometers for civil engineering applications can significantly enhance the monitoring, control, and safety aspects of large civil engineering projects, during development or expansion work, as well as for ongoing monitoring of structures and the surrounding terrain.

The SMART MPBX can be used to measure displacement or deformation in rock, soil, and concrete structures within many environments, e.g. banks, foundations, abutments, earth walls, buildings, bridges, tunnels, dam walls, and many others.

Installing extensometers for civil engineering use is similar to the process used in mining. In rock or soil monitoring applications, the SMART MPBX is generally installed into a standard borehole, with the entire unit being firmly grouted into place.

If they are to be used to monitor bridges, dam walls, large buildings and other similar structures, extensometers can be installed directly into fresh concrete during the building phase, or a hole can be drilled out later and re-filled with wet concrete or cement, into which the MPBX is installed.

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SMART MPBX by Mine Design Solutions

Civil Wireless Monitoring

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