Case Studies


Geotechnical Instrumentation

The world-class wireless system developed by Mine Design Technologies and Newtrax Technologies virtually eliminates manual readings by continuously monitoring over 300 instruments and relaying the data to a central interface at mine operations.

Figure 1

Deformation Monitoring

The Golden Giant Mine is located at Hemlo, Ontario, 40 km east of the town of Marathon on the north shore of Lake Superior. This operation is wholly owned and operated by Newmont Canada Limited, and has been producing gold bullion since 1985.

Elliptical Shaft Excavation Case Study

Hecla Limited is nearing completion of the Lucky Friday Mine No.4 shaft located in Mullan, ID. The shaft is collared at the 4940 level of the mine and will have a final mine level…

Argyle Diamond Mine

Argyle Diamond Mine is a mature block caving operation in the Kimberley region of North Western Australia, fully owned and operated by Rio Tinto.

With a variety of challenging ground conditions, they required a comprehensive and extensive instrumentation and monitoring system to ensure ground support systems throughout their undercut and extraction levels are working effectively and efficiently.